About me


I started this diary in 2015 (offline, natch) as a way to vent some of my frustration, worries and fears after having been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis earlier in the year.

As time goes on, my perspective and priorities changed. When my illness kicked off, I worried an inordinate amount about the impact it was having on my teaching career. Now I see how much I used to sweat the small stuff.

In July this year, I’ll be facing a huge surgery (a panproctocolectomy) to treat my illness. all this would be daunting at the best of times. My wife and I will have an eight(ish) week old baby at that point. It goes without saying, it’s all a bit terrifying.

Nevertheless, I see the strength and support my other inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) warriors get from sharing their stories online. This is something that I want to tap into. If I can help to spread some understanding and love for Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis (UC) too, then I’ll be a very happy woman!