Monday 28th December 2015

7.50am – hungover as hell

I had a great day yesterday: no pain or weird side-effects and I think I got about seven hours sleep. Bliss. Today, not so.

T and dad screwed their faces up and begged me to stop talking at the dinner table last night when I remarked hopefully that “This is the last of the pain. I think it was just a blip.” I get it, they don’t want me to get my hopes up but surely being positive is better than wallowing in self-pity?

Perhaps they were right to caution me… I can feel a twinge in my left knee (which seems to be my dodgy one), even through the fug of co-codamol I took at 3.30am for my hangover. Yes, I drank too much fermented white grape juice last night. Dad is such a bad influence.

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